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Are you ready to meet your true self?

Hi, I am Jackie

I am a Mindset Coach who helps individuals from all walks of life, and healthcare workers reconnect with themselves to create a meaningful, prosperous and balanced life.


Mindset & Spiritual Mentor

I'm passionate about helping healthcare workers and individuals from all walks of life reconnect with themselves, to reframe their mind to create new results so they can feel confident and worthy of living an abundant and balanced life.​ 

Over the past 8 years, I have created for myself a life with more freedom, love, joy, self-confidence, emotional stability and a deep-rooted sense of personal power than I could ever have imagined.


Today, I am proud to say that I have all of these things in abundance.

I created and followed a specific process that helped me to develop the right mindset to live the life that I always wanted. 

I've collated all of my experiences, trials, tribulations, and success into a beautiful program that empowers others to build a meaningful and well-balanced life too.

Now, I’m delighted to be sharing my secrets with YOU! 

Mindset & Spitual Mentor


How To Reconnect With Your True Self

How To Reconnect With Your True Self


THE DIVINE SELF is the part of you who is pure awareness, infinite intelligence, love, compassion, joy, possibilities, and creation.

When you are connected to your essence you feel empowered, confident, you feel that you belonging to life and creation and you feel worthy of living a meaningful and balanced life.




In this lesson, you will understand the backstage of life.
How the spiritual laws of the universe work, how we are connected to them and how they connect us to one another and to every experience and results we create in life.

THE MIND - Conscious, Subconscious & The Divine Mind


Conscious, Subconscious & The Divine Mind

In this lesson, you are going to understand how your mind (Conscious, Subconscious and Divine Mind) operates at each level.

Do you know that your mind lies to you?

Yes, the mind creates many false stories and beliefs which keeps us in the prison of guilt, fear, shame, uncertainty and stuck. This is the reason why you feel disconnected, anxious, powerless, hopeless, stuck and burnout.

If you have been experiencing any of the above, I have good news for you!

It's possible to reframe your mind! By using the In Care To Care Program resources and tools, you'll gain the knowledge to make your old negative beliefs and patterns obsolete, to create positive results to experience the meaningful life you have been looking for.






Do you know that you have your own and unique signature to communicate with the universe?

Yes, you do!

In this lesson, you'll understand your level of consciousness and the vibrations they have connected you to,  how to change or improve it as you expand your levels of consciousness.




The Family Constellation is a great resource that Bert Hellinger brought to our awareness. And it has been part of my studies and approach. 

The Systemic Family Constellation helps us to understand the patterns that families have been experienced for many generations, included mine. For example (premature deaths, addictions, emotional and physical illness). Through the family constellation approach, you can understand what is causing this family to take the same path over and over again even though they are not pleasing them.

We have principles and laws in nature and in the universe and they must be followed and respected. When we are not consciously aware of them, we violate them and therefore we continue creating the same results over and over again.

Every family has its own consciousness and archetypes to which they are connected to. With the help of our conscience, we directly perceive what we have to do or not do in order to be allowed to belong to this family. If we follow the instructions of this conscience, we may develop a good character or not. It will all depend on the program which they have in their mind which has been programmed to your mind either consciously or unconsciously.

By following this conscience and archetypes with the level of consciousness this family has, they will either take their families to growth (life)  or disintegration (death).

When we become aware of which program have been unconsciously installed in this family/individual mind, we can take this individual or family through a process to consciously reframe their mind, this process is integrated into our daily routine.

By following the new process you reset the old system, therefore, this family or individual will experience positive results,  that enables them to live a meaningful and balanced life.

Please note: in The In Care To Care Program, you won't become a Family Constellation Therapist,  but I will share with you some of the important laws that you need to be in alignment with, in order to change your own results which will change the results of the future generations of your family too.

How about you? Are you ready to reframe your life?

"I did not come from a wealthy and emotionally healthy family...

Although, I am so grateful for the lessons I learned with and from them, which made me the resilient and successful woman that I am.

And a wealthy and healthy family will come through me...

How about you? Are you ready to reframe your life?

Jackeline Costa