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9 Step Roadmap To Create
a Meaningful & Balanced Life

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Meet Jackeline Costa,
Former Nurse, Mindset & Spiritual Mentor

Hey, I'm Jackie,


I'm passionate about helping healthcare workers and individuals from all walks of life to reconnect with themselves, to reframe their minds to create new results so they can feel confident and worthy of living an abundant and balanced life. 

Why do I do that for?

I’m a former nurse and I know how it's like to feel overworked, drained, and disconnected.

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Around 10 years ago I was stuck in a rut...

I was living in survival mode. 

I was mentally and physically ill, I had no energy and enthusiasm to go to work. Adding to that I did not receive support from my superiors.

I had time to do things for everyone except for myself! I did not know how to set boundaries and neither how to follow my own boundaries and principles.

Until the time I said enough is enough! And I decided to take care of myself first! 

It all started with a DECISION which was giving life to one of my dreams of learning English, getting out of my comfort zone. Little I knew that the desire to learn English would take me back to my true self.

It has been a long journey over these past 8 years of healing myself physically and emotionally, which I call Self-Discovery Journey a journey of reconnecting with myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. In addition to that, I also had a great opportunity to develop new skills and to meet new people.

I have experienced a massive change in my health and consciousness and I became aware of how I was creating my “undesirable” results. 

I realized that with each expansion of my Consciousness my personal, family, and professional references changed for the better.

After going through this process, I experienced a massive change in my personal and professional results. With the new level of consciousness, I started to see and to understand that healthcare workers have developed a mindset and a habitual way of living and thinking which “leads us” to experience burnouts, overwhelming, and also keeps us stuck. 

 This is the reason why I created the 9 Step Roadmap, to share with you some of the crucial steps I took to reconnect with myself, my values and to feel confident, energized, and mentally healthy again so you can develop awareness to reconnect with yourself to change your results too. 

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“ I discovered then that the human being lives in different levels of awareness and that the solution to the current "problem" lies in the expansion of the consciousness to progress each cycle of life's evolution.”

Jackeline Costa

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