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"Is the fruit of my own self-discovery journey, of the persistent and incessant search for myself."


How Everything Started...

Somehow, I knew that there was a better way of living and I used my faith, intuition, and a burning desire to heal my wounds, to fulfill my emptiness, and to set myself free. This is also part of my essence and my heart's desire to become a better version of myself to contribute to other's freedom, growth, and healing.

I became aware that I had an assignment here on earth I was a toddler. My first 3 years of life around my great-grandmother, was crucial and a turning point for me to progress through the tribulations that were yet to come in my early years of life such as (emotional, physical, and sexual abuse)  to be where I am today. She gave me the most precious information I could ever receive and some of the tools to progress, which I share in the In Care To Care Program.

Even though I have received a very precious guidance from my great-grandmother, I did not have answers and solutions for everything I went through in life.


When I was 31 years old, I had already achieved many things in my life, I was a successful nurse, I bought my apartment when I was 23 years old, I was already living here in Australia fulfilling another dream of mine. However, I wasn't happy with myself, I was feeling disconnected, empty, lonely and I had a very low self-esteem and a negative self-image. I felt a huge hole inside me, and I tried to fulfill that hole, with work, study, friendships, relationships, material things, and nothing worked.


Furthermore, I began a relationship with a guy, which brought to the surface all the unworthiness, rejection, fear, and feelings of abandonment that I had experienced in previous relationships and in my childhood.




Furthermore, I began a relationship with a guy, which brought to the surface all the unworthiness, rejection, fear and feelings of abandonment that I had experienced in previous relationships and in my childhood.

After 1 year in this "relationship", I started to feel that if I did not change something not very pleasant was about to happen. and I started to consider the idea of letting him go, and to face my fear of being alone. Because back then I thought that would be better to stay in a "crappy relationship" instead of being alone.

so it came the day that I became aware that I was the protagonist (common denominator) of every relationship I had in the past, different guys but the same results. Then I said enough is enough! 

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Moving forward...

And I decided to face my fears and went on what I call a self-discovery journey. In this journey, I decided to spend time with myself, by myself to understand my feelings, desires and expectations.

Day-by-day, as I surrender to the process and allowed myself to enter this sacred space, I connected with the spirit of life and creation and each day I received guidance to proceed to the next step. In a short period of time, I developed the awareness and understanding of how I was creating my personal and professional results and illness.

My feelings also changed as well, the emptiness was no longer there,  and for the first time, I felt the joy that is to be me.


Expansion of consciousness...

I realized that with each expansion of my Consciousness my personal, family and professional references changed. I discovered then that the human being lives in different levels of awareness and that the solution to the current "problem" lies in the expansion of the consciousness to progress each cycle of lives evolution.


The awareness of The In Care To Care...

After going through this process, I experienced a massive change in my personal and professional results. With the new level of consciousness, I  started to see and to understand that what was stopping my clients to progress in life wasn’t their “disabilities”.  So I decided that it was time for me to teach others to understand their current results regardless of their physical, social or financial condition. It was when I began my journey of studies with Bob Proctor, Dr Joe Dispenza, Karen Brook and other great mentors I had along the journey to prepare myself to mentor others.

Are you ready to meet your true self and to expand your consciousness to create a meaningful, prosperous and balanced life?